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  • Redaction, artist, ephemeral public art, Winnipeg, February 2024.

  • Mé dénudé.e.s, artist, La maison des artistes, janvier-février 2024

  • Hanging with people, artist, Queer we go again (group show), fall 2021. 

  • L'autre/The other, curator and artiste, Gallerie du ccfm, hivers 2020.

    • Interspections - Saint-BoniFAG, Cluster Festival, 2021. ​

  • Pages & Passages, artiste, Cool Streets, summer 2019

  • Now with words, artiste, Flux Gallery, summer 2018. 

  • Souffle d’hiver, writer, Red River trail installation, winter 2016-17. 

  • Rappel : Roland Mahé, curator, Le Studio (La maison des artistes visuels), spring 2017.

  • Real Art Pride, curator, Reel Pride film festival, October 2016. 

  • Hommage à Réal Bérard, curator la Maison des artistes visuels (3 galleries show), summer 2015.

  • Table no. , artist, Synonym/Tallest Poppy artists in residence program, June 2015.

  • A Dusting, artist, The Attic, December 2013.

Directeur, La Maison des artistes visuels, 2013-2016

- 6 juried show seasons in the contemporary galley 

- Fait Maison, yearly members show

- Nuit de_ART, yearly art fundraiser. *Winner of a Mayor of Winnipeg award 

- Cool Gardens, partner, jury, installer

- Bibliothèques éphémère / Boulevard of Books, co-creator with Édition du Blé for Nuit Blanche Winnipeg

Marketing Chair, Reel Pride Winnipeg

- Queering film, artistic director

- Lobby art take over, artistic director

- Stock photos, artistic director



Pages & Passages

Now with words

A dusting 
Souffle d'hiver
Table no. 
Cool Gardens:
a landscape only happens once
Bibliothèque éphémères / Boulevard of books
Queering film
psycho 2.jpg
the graduate 2.jpg
Hanging with people
(covid19 art)
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